Blood roses Gordon


I’m a werewolf  πŸŒž

I’m not a human🌚


I’m sorry🌞

I’ll work it off as your assistant 🌚


Be appalled 🌚

Be worried 🌞


Wound3d berry plush normal 


Are you a werewolf🌞

Was that you just now? 🌚


He helped me 🌞

I’m his assistant 🌚


What do you think you’re doing!🌞

What’s wrong? 🌚


Are you sure you can get out of bed? 🌞

Of course🌚.


Don’t say that 🌞

No I won’t 🌚


Get heartbroken 🌞

Be angry 🌚


Love challenge 


Not really 🌚

Don’t worry about it🌞

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A little +7


I’m surprised

I was sad as well +7

I don’t know what to say



I feel depressed

I get slightly angry +4

I remain calm
Tell the Dragon my name

Stay on guard +4

Question the dragon


I feel embarrassed

Take Yoshimasa’s hand +7

I smile back at ibuki and akira


Butterfly head wreath premium 

Yoshi masa bracelet normal 




 I will take care of yoshimasa +7

It’s ok Ayu

You two should get along


I feel convinced

I feel anxious

I feel concerned for Yoshimasa +7



I say something +2

I look at yoshimasa 

I hold yoshimasa hand


Fairy tale forest premium

Winking over glasses normal 


I understand how u feel kiku

Ran maybe you can talk him into it

What do you think, Yamata No Orochi? +4


Relaxed kimono wear premium 

Balloon hearts normal 


Exchange glances with yoshimasa

Tell them honestly +7

Lie in embarrassment 


I don’t kno

Descendants of the emperor

Our enemies to defeat +7


I’m prepared to face my destiny

Thank you +7

I’m scared 




I’ll make up my mind too


Compliment Akira +4

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I’m fine🌞

Who are you 🌚


Do you like paintings? 🌚

It’s a wonderful painting.🌞



Thanks 🌞

I feel ashamed🌚


Get embarrassed 🌚

Get mad🌞.



You don’t have to apologise 🌞

You saved me🌚


That must of been hard🌞

You can do it! 🌚


Don’t worry🌞

It’s your chance 🌚


Am I bothering you?🌚

You’re working very hard. 🌞


Thank you for rescuing me 🌞

It’s not your fault🌚

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Blood in roses Edgar

Give me the invitation🌞

Take me with you 🌚


You 🌚

This room🌞



Get angry🌞

Thank him 🌚


We are going to eat? 🌞

For what? 🌚


Knight long boots normal 



Say that I’ll be careful 🌞



Tell him I’m a witch 🌚

Tell him a hunter🌞


Knights coat tails premium 

Blue pansy earrings normal 



Good idea. 🌚


I’m worried 🌚

It’ll be inconvenient 🌞



Fall silent🌞

Of course! 🌚


Thanks for telling me 🌞

Don’t worry 🌚


Love challenge 

Served herbal tea premium 

Herbal tea in a up normal



Squeeze back 🌚


4000 points


They were carrying heavy cargo 🌚

There many passengers up front🌞


Are you all right? 🌚

You got captured too? 🌞


What should I do? 🌞

I wont 🌚



Do it fast🌞

We’ll help 🌚




Not really🌞

Of course! 🌚


I don’t hold any prejudice anymore 🌞

I like everyone at the hotel🌚


Who do you think it is🌞

Do you want a hint ? 🌚


Edgars room premium 

Plush Bernard normal 



Do we look like it🌞

We are 🌚




Thank you 🌚


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Akira #DestinyNinja

Take his hand

Don’t take his hand

Keep holding on +4

Think about it




Stand up +4

Stay here

Go elsewhere

Go to Yayois room

Go to Akiras room

Go to Ibuki or Yoshimasa 

Layered Big Bow normal 


Its akira

Its yoshimasa

I don’t recognise anyone




Leave me


Reach for akira  +4



I’m sorry +2

I’m glad your safe

Your hair…


Its not your fault +4

I was scared

It doesn’t matter


Cat patterned kimono premium 

Cat patterned handbag normal 



I’m not an object +4

I’m embarrassed 

I’m yours?




My parents

Related to the emperor 

Somebody’s descendants


We make a good team 

We’re a goofy couple

Aren’t I weak


The past and the present are different

We should obey mitsuru

I do what feels right for me


Fireflies premium 

Firefly lantern normal 


I’m embarrassed

I’m relieved

I’m nervous +4

Girly dresser premium 

Scented candle normal 


Kiss him

Hug him

Look away



Feigh ignorance

Tell him

Stay quiet


Its not a bad idea

That’s not true at all

You have a point


Explore estate +2

Its a trap

Do nothing 


Battle 5000 pt

I’m so happy

I’m embarrassed 

I love you too +7



A guardian deity of Yamato Island? +4

An enemy

Yoshimasa +7


Was it on accident?

Wait for his answer +7

Was it intuition?



Moss balls on the wall premium

Moss balls on the wall normal 



Worry about his health +4

Act like normal 


That goes for you too

I’m dumbfounded 

there must be another way +4



A care for each other 

The journey of love

Some set of words


Magatama dress premium 

Magatama necklace normal 





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Spade #BloodRoses

I dont know🌞

That wont happen to me 🌚

I greet him🌞

I watch him carefully 🌚

I ask him if I can trust him🌚

I tell him i can’t trust him 🌞

Say nothing 🌞

Decline food🌚

I greet him🌞

I watch him carefully 🌚

Love challenge 

Pendulum clock

Look to see how the young man reacts🌞

Stay wary 🌚

Doubt him 🌞

Trust him 🌚

Love challenge

Sheep plush toy premium

Hotel pillow normal 

Try to get him to stop🌚

Try talking about ssomething unrelated 🌞



Thank them 🌚

I knock his arms away 🌞

I tell him to stop 🌚

Giving alfred a smile 🌞

Teasing alfred 🌚

Love challenge

Cat ear headband premium 

Spade collar normal 

There u are 🌞

Good morning 🌚


Say nothing🌚

I’d thought you’d say that 🌞

Just listen🌞

I’m not surprised by that reaction 🌚

5000 pts

Stay quiet 🌞

Comment on how happy he looks🌚

Run out to him🌞

Call out to him 🌚

Reach my hand out to Spade🌞

Call out his name 🌚

I don’t know🌞

I won’t regret it 🌚

I shake my head 🌞


Spades room premium 

High  tea kit normal 


Love challenge 


Please help us🌚

Help the hotels rospast 🌞

Tell her I’m going🌞

Smile without saying a word 🌚

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How To: #Majin #Vegeta

London MCM Comicon October 2016!! Here I come!


White ankle boots ordered from ebay. Think they cost about Β£10. Any white boots will do. If you find a pair with a point already then great you can skip this step.

You will need a piece of card cut bent and shaped across the toe of your shoe. I placed it at the crease where foot bends as I had already worn the boots for a previous Vegeta Cosplay

Hot glued on. I wasn’t really worried about it leaking out as I’m covering it with a brown felt material to create the stripes.

Next I fit and cut five strips of felt.

And glued them down overlapping each other to create the line effect.

Then I ordered a shortish blonde wig

Which didn’t arrive in time πŸ™„ so I had to go to my local wig shop and buy a cheap blonde one.

To create the glowing blue saiyan eyes I bought cyan mesh contacts from which you can see through just not in direct bright light. Everything fuzzes a shade of blue sometimes . 

Blue one piece was from Katz dance on ebay 

Put them all together and voila! 

One Majin Super saiyan Vegeta 

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It can’t be helped for now 🌚


Get my guard up a little 🌚

Talk to him normally 🌞
Love challenge

Golden necklace normal 

Glare at him 🌞

Put one more word in 🌚


Try to act cheerfully🌞

Can’t say anything 🌚
Love choice

Lace choker premium

Kiss on the neck normal

Feel happy 🌞

Double check 🌚

Love challenge 


As you wish 🌚

I guess it can’t be helped🌞

Turn away 🌞

Ask what he wants 🌚

Ask if she wants more tea 🌚

Signal to Cedric with my eyes🌞


Love challenge

Golden lion statue premium

Bow bracelet normal 


Touch his hand 🌞

Touch his cheek🌚


Tell him I’ll handle this myself 🌞

Hide behind his back 🌚




Show a smile 🌞

Tell something 🌚




Take his arm 🌚




Grab cedric arm 🌚

Stop cedric 🌞


Admit it awkwardly🌚

Admit it happily 🌞


Call Cedric’s name 🌞

Scream for help🌚

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Resist β˜€

Stay quiet πŸŒ‘

What should I do? β˜€

Of course! πŸŒ‘


Are you sure? πŸŒ‘

Will you be able to? β˜€

Love challenge

Victorian Lace Gloves normal

I do β˜€

Not that much πŸŒ‘


…become suspicious β˜€

…trust him πŸŒ‘

Love challenge β™₯

Raindrop pattern dress premium

Frog king figurine normal

…feel happy β˜€

…hesitate πŸŒ‘


Love challenge β™₯

Lady level 1000pt

…hesitate πŸŒ‘

…agree β˜€

Refuse β˜€

Glare silently πŸŒ‘


Just shake my head β˜€

“It wasn’t weird” πŸŒ‘

Love challenge

Downcast eyes (mismatched) premium

Colourful pearl earrings

Let him sleep β˜€

Wake him up πŸŒ‘


Go after him πŸŒ‘

Say something to Cedric β˜€

Lady level 4000

Sau nothing and watch β˜€

Tell them stop πŸŒ‘

Ask the two β˜€
Look at my body πŸŒ‘
Take dominiks hand β˜€ 

Lean on dominik πŸŒ‘ 
Ask forest Rosapast β˜€ 

Look around πŸŒ‘ 
Laugh and say he sounds like himself again πŸŒ‘ 

Be astounded β˜€ 
Stop him πŸŒ‘ 

Let him go β˜€ 
Love challenge 

12000 lady level

Hesitate β˜‰

Side with dominik 🌚
Agree πŸŒ‘

Are you really ok with thatβ˜€

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How can you make that decision for me? 
You never told me about this.

Why didn’t you tell me?

Because you finally smiled
No reason
Because your smile is adorable +2


I can take care of myself
Move back before you get hurt hm? +7
Are you alright?

Love choice
Blinking eyes normal

You’re surprisingly strong
I’m heavier than you think
Forgive me for worrying you +7


I don’t know him well enough yet
He’s very kind +7
He’s no ordinary person

You don’t have to if you don’t want
Let’s go on a date

You’re my fiance right +7

Love choice
Cherry blossom garland
Book in hand normal

Try knocking +7
Let’s go inside
What do you think might be in there

Love choice
Smiling ayu premium πŸ“·
Garland normal

Sit quietly
Return his embrace +7
React surprised


I’m fine
A little
I’m actually rather excited 

How did you know ayu?

Because you read so many books?


Is something wrong?
Are you jealous +7
What’s going on

Good luck
Be careful
Dont hurt yourself


Remain silent
Look away

I’m not acting strange
It’s better than being gloomy don’t you think
There’s no point in feeling gloomy 


Call out to ayu
Remain quiet 
Call Quetzacoatl

You’re not supposed to lick them 

What are you doing 

I don’t want you to see me cry

Ayakashi Battle


I like that idea +4

A date?!

Maybe another time

Aren’t you enjoying the view? +7
What are you looking at
Perhaps I’m being too talkative

Love choice
Matching scarf premium
Smirking lips normal

This is harder than I thought

Come right out and say it

Let Ayu tell them +4

Love choice
Lavender lamp

The books on nature
The books with storied and tales
The books on ancient folk lore +7


I still won’t give up +7
I suppose I have to die
I don’t know what to think

Ayakashi Battle

Take his hand +7
Remain quiet
Try talking to him


That might work 

Absolutely not

I’m not sure that’s the best answer

Dont respond
I understand +7
But Ayu….

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