How can you make that decision for me? 
You never told me about this.

Why didn’t you tell me?

Because you finally smiled
No reason
Because your smile is adorable +2


I can take care of myself
Move back before you get hurt hm? +7
Are you alright?

Love choice
Blinking eyes normal

You’re surprisingly strong
I’m heavier than you think
Forgive me for worrying you +7


I don’t know him well enough yet
He’s very kind +7
He’s no ordinary person

You don’t have to if you don’t want
Let’s go on a date

You’re my fiance right +7

Love choice
Cherry blossom garland
Book in hand normal

Try knocking +7
Let’s go inside
What do you think might be in there

Love choice
Smiling ayu premium 📷
Garland normal

Sit quietly
Return his embrace +7
React surprised


I’m fine
A little
I’m actually rather excited 

How did you know ayu?

Because you read so many books?


Is something wrong?
Are you jealous +7
What’s going on

Good luck
Be careful
Dont hurt yourself


Remain silent
Look away

I’m not acting strange
It’s better than being gloomy don’t you think
There’s no point in feeling gloomy 


Call out to ayu
Remain quiet 
Call Quetzacoatl

You’re not supposed to lick them 

What are you doing 

I don’t want you to see me cry

Ayakashi Battle


I like that idea +4

A date?!

Maybe another time

Aren’t you enjoying the view? +7
What are you looking at
Perhaps I’m being too talkative

Love choice
Matching scarf premium
Smirking lips normal

This is harder than I thought

Come right out and say it

Let Ayu tell them +4

Love choice
Lavender lamp

The books on nature
The books with storied and tales
The books on ancient folk lore +7


I still won’t give up +7
I suppose I have to die
I don’t know what to think

Ayakashi Battle

Take his hand +7
Remain quiet
Try talking to him


That might work 

Absolutely not

I’m not sure that’s the best answer

Dont respond
I understand +7
But Ayu….

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