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How To: #Majin #Vegeta

London MCM Comicon October 2016!! Here I come!


White ankle boots ordered from ebay. Think they cost about £10. Any white boots will do. If you find a pair with a point already then great you can skip this step.

You will need a piece of card cut bent and shaped across the toe of your shoe. I placed it at the crease where foot bends as I had already worn the boots for a previous Vegeta Cosplay

Hot glued on. I wasn’t really worried about it leaking out as I’m covering it with a brown felt material to create the stripes.

Next I fit and cut five strips of felt.

And glued them down overlapping each other to create the line effect.

Then I ordered a shortish blonde wig

Which didn’t arrive in time 🙄 so I had to go to my local wig shop and buy a cheap blonde one.

To create the glowing blue saiyan eyes I bought cyan mesh contacts from which you can see through just not in direct bright light. Everything fuzzes a shade of blue sometimes . 

Blue one piece was from Katz dance on ebay 

Put them all together and voila! 

One Majin Super saiyan Vegeta 

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