It can’t be helped for now 🌚


Get my guard up a little 🌚

Talk to him normally 🌞
Love challenge

Golden necklace normal 

Glare at him 🌞

Put one more word in 🌚


Try to act cheerfully🌞

Can’t say anything 🌚
Love choice

Lace choker premium

Kiss on the neck normal

Feel happy 🌞

Double check 🌚

Love challenge 


As you wish 🌚

I guess it can’t be helped🌞

Turn away 🌞

Ask what he wants 🌚

Ask if she wants more tea 🌚

Signal to Cedric with my eyes🌞


Love challenge

Golden lion statue premium

Bow bracelet normal 


Touch his hand 🌞

Touch his cheek🌚


Tell him I’ll handle this myself 🌞

Hide behind his back 🌚




Show a smile 🌞

Tell something 🌚




Take his arm 🌚




Grab cedric arm 🌚

Stop cedric 🌞


Admit it awkwardly🌚

Admit it happily 🌞


Call Cedric’s name 🌞

Scream for help🌚

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