Resist β˜€

Stay quiet πŸŒ‘

What should I do? β˜€

Of course! πŸŒ‘


Are you sure? πŸŒ‘

Will you be able to? β˜€

Love challenge

Victorian Lace Gloves normal

I do β˜€

Not that much πŸŒ‘


…become suspicious β˜€

…trust him πŸŒ‘

Love challenge β™₯

Raindrop pattern dress premium

Frog king figurine normal

…feel happy β˜€

…hesitate πŸŒ‘


Love challenge β™₯

Lady level 1000pt

…hesitate πŸŒ‘

…agree β˜€

Refuse β˜€

Glare silently πŸŒ‘


Just shake my head β˜€

“It wasn’t weird” πŸŒ‘

Love challenge

Downcast eyes (mismatched) premium

Colourful pearl earrings

Let him sleep β˜€

Wake him up πŸŒ‘


Go after him πŸŒ‘

Say something to Cedric β˜€

Lady level 4000

Sau nothing and watch β˜€

Tell them stop πŸŒ‘

Ask the two β˜€
Look at my body πŸŒ‘
Take dominiks hand β˜€ 

Lean on dominik πŸŒ‘ 
Ask forest Rosapast β˜€ 

Look around πŸŒ‘ 
Laugh and say he sounds like himself again πŸŒ‘ 

Be astounded β˜€ 
Stop him πŸŒ‘ 

Let him go β˜€ 
Love challenge 

12000 lady level

Hesitate β˜‰

Side with dominik 🌚
Agree πŸŒ‘

Are you really ok with thatβ˜€

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