Spade #BloodRoses

I dont know🌞

That wont happen to me 🌚

I greet him🌞

I watch him carefully 🌚

I ask him if I can trust him🌚

I tell him i can’t trust him 🌞

Say nothing 🌞

Decline food🌚

I greet him🌞

I watch him carefully 🌚

Love challenge 

Pendulum clock

Look to see how the young man reacts🌞

Stay wary 🌚

Doubt him 🌞

Trust him 🌚

Love challenge

Sheep plush toy premium

Hotel pillow normal 

Try to get him to stop🌚

Try talking about ssomething unrelated 🌞



Thank them 🌚

I knock his arms away 🌞

I tell him to stop 🌚

Giving alfred a smile 🌞

Teasing alfred 🌚

Love challenge

Cat ear headband premium 

Spade collar normal 

There u are 🌞

Good morning 🌚


Say nothing🌚

I’d thought you’d say that 🌞

Just listen🌞

I’m not surprised by that reaction 🌚

5000 pts

Stay quiet 🌞

Comment on how happy he looks🌚

Run out to him🌞

Call out to him 🌚

Reach my hand out to Spade🌞

Call out his name 🌚

I don’t know🌞

I won’t regret it 🌚

I shake my head 🌞


Spades room premium 

High  tea kit normal 


Love challenge 


Please help us🌚

Help the hotels rospast 🌞

Tell her I’m going🌞

Smile without saying a word 🌚

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