Head back 🌚
Dont head back 🌝

Ask him why he interfered 🌝
Thank him 🌚

Love challenge
Test tubes

Reject the order 🌝
Ask him 🌚

I can do it 🌚
Can you show me how to do it? Just this once.

Sigh without saying anything 🌞
Laugh it off

Love challenge
Side swept ombre hair
Rose print book

I have to try harder
Yes I’m fine 🌑

Love challenge

Get motivated 🌞
Be delighted🌚

Stop him verbally 🌑
Stop him physically

Smile and say I’m ok 🌑
Pretend I’m ok and ask for another cup of tea

Make sure it’s really ok ☀
Tell him I don’t want to

Love challenge
Humphrey Robe
Red dew necklace

I’m fine. ☀
What are you doing

Love challenge

I’m sorry ☀
Di you worry


Thank you ☀
Theyre healed

As quickly as we can
I believe in you ☀

Lean on his back
Hug him 🌑

Love challenge

Ask him again 🌑
Stare at him silently

I can’t believe it
I’m happy 🌑

Love challenge
Humphrey room premium
Heroines room normal

Tell him the truth ☀
Hide my true feelings

Question him ☀
Stay silent

I’m fine because you’re here
Honestly yes ☀

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I care about you +7
I will focus on the mission
Stop changing the subject

Love choice

Cherry blossom crown normal

Great job everyone
That was quite a surprise wasn’t it
Shall we take a break +7

This is my duty
I’m fine, because I’m not alone +7
Please do not worry

No you can’t! +7
Sure, you can kiss me.
Dont be silly

Let’s use it together +7
Please you use it


No I was looking at the snowy landscape
No you are too self conscious
Yes I was looking at you +7

A Wolf 🐺
A cat 😻 +7
A rabbit 🐰

Dont worry about it Shiroya +7
It’s so strange isn’t it
It must be scary for you

I don’t know what to do
Yes I will rest and trying get better +7
No I have no time to be resting


I’ll decide who I want to marry myself +7
We should know how he feels about me first

Ayakashi Battle

I can’t
Dont be ridiculous
Thank you +7

Worried about Shiroya
I’m curious about you
I want to understand you better +7

Ayakashi Battle

Let me think about it
Let’s go to the summer village +7
I can’t believe it

Shiroya wouldn’t want this +7
Please calm down
I know how you feel

You’re so cute
I’m so happy +7
Thank you

Where have you been +7
It took you awhile I was starting to get worried
Was there anything I could help you with

What happened to Kaito
He didn’t have to do that for us
That was sweet of Kaito +7

Love choice

See you next time
Thank-you +7

What has happened to you +7
This is wrong
I had trusted you

I don’t want to do the purification anymore
I am worried if the purification will succeed +7
I don’t know what to do

Ayakashi Battle

I guess I can’t change my Destiny can I?
I’m destined to die
I want to live with you +7

Isn’t there any other way to save the island +7
…how cruel…is my Destiny…
I’m happy to be killed by Shiroya

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Because you caught my eye +7
Instinct I guess
I don’t know

What do you mean?
He’s a bit too boisterous
It’s fun being with him +7

What is it?
It’s beautiful isn’t it? +7
Makes you want to dive in.

Love choice
Matching Eyes with Ran

Let go
You want to hold hands +7

Maybe I got too angry +7
He didn’t have to run away
Is he avoiding me

Two girls standing and chatting
Mother and child out for a walk
The man walking down the street +7

Love choice
Falling leave premium
Rosy blush normal

You look dashing +7
Do you have a stomach ache
Are you worried about something?

Call Rans name
Reach out to him +7
Try not to fall

Love choice
Nightdress premium
Bed normal

Stroke his head
Do nothing
Kiss him on his cheek +7

Ayakashi Battle
500 pt

What happened to Ran I know?
Who cares about that? +7

How pathetic.

Love choice
Crystal necklace premium
Maple leaf hair ornament normal

Looks like I misunderstood

I was worried for no reason +7

You’re right

What’s the matter?
Aren’t you happy
You must be happy +7

Take Rans hand +7
Deny it
Say nothing

Ayakashi Battle

Is this my home?
What happened to Ran? +7
What happened?

Call Rans name +7
Try to stand
Dont move

Ayakashi Battle

That’s so mean!
What the heck

You two are so funny
Rans so funny
That’s my Ran +7

I agree with both you of you
I agree with Yayoi
I agree with Kaito +7

Love choice
Spring village dress premium
Fruit cake (piece) normal

Is this a secret tryst?
Can’t sleep?
What’s the matter? +2

Ayakashi Battle

Take his hand +4
Smile at him
Move in closer

Ayakashi Battle

Take his hand
Hug him +4
Say nothing

Say his name
Hug him from behind +7
Drape a blanket over him

Ran isn’t weak! +4
This is crazy
Get a grip Ran

What’s fhe matter
Just now +4
It’s nothing

Love choice
Ever flowing waterfall premium
Hannya mask normal

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DN2+; Rindoh

Stop asking already

Yes because I trust you +7

Why do you ask

Thank you


I’ll be more careful from now on 

You have an adorable little brother

He didn’t have to get mad

Yeah that’s true +4

Love Choice

Cherry Bonsai normal

I’m not okay

I’m okay 

Its your fault

Whats wrong with me

Thank you +7

I’m sorry

I’ll be okay

You’re right +7

Its that bad

Love choice

Heroines Snowman premium

Bench and Streetlamp normal

I couldn’t help it…

Sorry +2

Its hard to move

Get angry with him for worrying too much

Thank him +7


Love Choice

Falling Snow premium

Carrier Pigeon normal

What do you recommend +4

I want to try everything

I don’t know

Ayakashi Battle


I wanted to see you

What if I said  can’t?

No +4

What if it was kept in a different place

Ask him once more

Was it stolen +7

Ayakashi Battle


It’s my mission +7

Only I can do it

I don’t have choice

Ayakashi Battle


Where am i?

You’re all here… 

Wheres Rindoh?

About the Summer Village

Everything +7

I shouldn’t have to tell you

You’re not going to kill me

Whats wrong?


Ayakashi Battle


We did it

Sorry +2

This is a good thing

If something happens…

I hope so.

Of course! +7

Maybe I’ll go for a walk

I want to see Rindoh +7

What should I do…

Love Choice

Senko-hanabi premium

Hibiscus Hair Ornament (Red) normal

Ayakashi Battle


Long time no see!

You came here just to see me? +7

Why are you two here?


Got any recommendations?

Thats surprising +4

Yayoi’s Right

I want to try +7

I don’t know

We can’t give up +7

It’s impossible

Its nothing like heaven

Ayakashi battle


Have someone stop him

Yell Ran’s name

Chase Ran +7

Would i do?

Is there anything I can do? +7

Is there nothing I can do?

Love choice

Field of resurrection Lilies premium

Fixed Eyes normal

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How to Vegeta (#Femgeta) 😊

I styled my vegeta cosplay off Vegeta armour when he was younger incorporating the Cape and royal family logo.

For his armour I came across several styles via a Google image search and cut two side pieces, breast panel and shoulder panel out of card.


I cut strips of the white material and used UHU to glue it down along the edges.


Using this paper I created the rows on the panels by cutting into strips and overlapping.

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Blood in Roses + Daniel

Go with him +5 Moonbeam
“I can’t go with you” +5 Sunlight

Go over to Alfred +5 Sunlight
Stay with Daniel +5 Moonbeam


“Thanks” +5 Moonbeam
“I’ll do it” +5 Sunlight

Love challenge
♥ Butterfly Charm Bracelet normal

Give my portion to Daniel +5 Moonbeam
Eat Jacks cooking. +5 Sunlight


Tell the truth +5 Sunlight
Hide what happened +5 Moonbeam

They’re just really dashing +5 Moonbeam
They’re just really cute +5 Sunlight

Love challenge
♥ Grey Wolf Headband premium
♥ Fashionable ponytail normal


…lost +5 Sunlight
In the kitchen +5 Moonbeam

Love challenge
♥ 1000

Hug Daniel +5 Moonbeam
Hold Daniel hand +5 Sunlight


Ask him to tell me what’s the reason +5 Sunlight
Accept it

Love challenge
♥ Daniels room premium
♥ false mist normal

I want you to kiss me +5 Sunlight
Kiss him +5 Moonbeam


I wonder if he got lost +5 Sunlight
I wonder if he’s hungry +5 Moonbeam

Love challenge
♥ 4000

Run up to him Moonbeam
Say something to him +5 Sunlight


Love challenge
♥ 5000

Slap Rupert +5 Sunlight
Push Rupert

I want you to kiss me +5 Sunlight
I want to kiss you +5 Moonbeam


Love challenge
♥ 6000

Daniel wants to +5 Sunlight
I want to +5 Moonbeam

I’ll look for another way +5 Moonbeam
We’re out of options +5 Sunlight

I can’t Moonbeam
There might be another way
+5 Sunlight

Nestle up to him +5 Sunlight
Can I stay like this+5 Moonbeam


Love challenge
♥ 12000

The bad news +5 Sunlight
The good news+5 Moonbeam

It’s about believing +5 Moonbeam
Is about acceptance +5 Sunlight

Love challenge
♥ 14000

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Kikyo looks great with his horse +7
Kaito looks like a fast rider
Everyone seems to be good at riding horses

You are amazing Kaito
Yeah, hey are you alright Kikyo 

Thank you Kaito +7

Did I hurt you anywhere
I shouldn’t of made you do that
Thank you +7

Pretend that nothing is wrong
Be honest and say my foot hurts +7
Play dumb

Love choice
♥ droplet shaped earrings normal


Are we all staying in the same room

I have my own room right +4

What will I do if if have to stay in the same room as Kikyo +7

Get bashful
Hold his hands back +7
Pull my hands away

You don’t have to worry so much about me crying +7
It’s nothing
Leave me alone

I don’t really want to drink this
I’d better drink it, right? +7
Won’t you drink it, Kikyo?

Ayakashi Battle!

Kaito is right
…Let’s go find the silver snake +7
Kikyo is wrong

I’m not sure about it
Of Course +2
Kikyo will be fine on his own


Let go of my hand +7

At this rate, we’re both going to—
Don’t worry about me 

Ayakashi Battle!

I’m sorry +7
I’m not hiding anything
I think you’re misunderstanding

What is it that I need to accomplish?
Is it to save the island? +4

Is it purify the symbols? +7

Love choice!
Glowing fireflies – premium
Crying make upnormal

I don’t want to die
I will accept my death
I want to spend more time with you +7

How do you know that? +7
What are you talking about?
You knew all along, didn’t you?

Ayakashi Battle

I mumble
I forgot already
I tell him +7

I understand how you feel +7
This is another thing
You cant do that

Ayakashi Battle!
10,000 pt

Ask where Rindoh is +7
We have to stop those ninja first
Just keep silent

What’s the matter with you?
What are you talking about?

Something is wrong with you +7

Ayakashi Battle!

Why are you here?
You’ve made it here? +7
I’m fine

What will happen to Yamato Island?
What is the meaning of what we’ve done so far?
Will I not see Kikyo ever again? +7

Nothing I’m okay
Thank you Kikyo +7
I’m sorry

Love Choice
His Erhu premium
Pink Opal Ring normal

That’s nonsense
Kikyo… +7
We must save the island

Its okay if you hate us +7
I love you anyway
I thought so…

Love Choice
Ocean with sunrise premium
The Sword normal

Choose your ending!

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Blood in Roses+ Jack


We’ve only just met +5 Moonbeam +2 Sunlight
Step on his foot +5 Sunlight +2 Moonbeam

Well, I’ve just got to do it +5 Moonbeam +2 Sunlight
I’ve got to calm down +5 Sunlight +2 Moonbeam


Love challenge
♥ purple butterfly headband normal

I was wrong about you +5 Moonbeam +2 Sunlight
Wow! +5 Sunlight +2 Moonbeam

I could go for some spaghetti +5 Moonbeam +2 Sunlight
I’ll make something myself +5 Sunlight +2 Moonbeam


Love challenge
♥ Cat Hair Clip premium
♥ Cat Background normal

Stop Alfred +5 Sunlight +2 Moonbeam
Stop Jack +5 Moonbeam +2 Sunlight

You should of asked me for help too. +5 Moonbeam +2 Sunlight
Thanks, Jack +5 Sunlight +2 Moonbeam


You really are like a prince +5 Sunlight +2 Moonbeam
Lets go half and half +5 Moonbeam +2 Sunlight

Love challenge
♥ 1000 points

Worry about Jack +5 Moonbeam +2 Sunlight
Change the subject +5 Sunlight +2 Moonbeam


Say nothing +5 Sunlight +2 Moonbeam
Stop him +5 Moonbeam +2 Sunlight

Say good evening +5 Sunlight +2 Moonbeam
Show concern +5 Moonbeam +2 Sunlight

Love challenge
♥ Night Sea Perfume premium
♥ Black Cat Mules normal


Love challenge
♥ 4000 point

Protect the beast +5 Moonbeam +2 Sunlight
Protect Rupert +5 Sunlight +2 Moonbeam

Act tough +5 Moonbeam +2 Sunlight
Come clean +5 Sunlight +2 Moonbeam


Would you marry me then? +5 Moonbeam +2 Sunlight
I can hide it under my clothes +5 Sunlight +2 Moonbeam

You’ve never been in love before? +5 Sunlight +2 Moonbeam
Settle down, settle down.+5 Moonbeam +2 Sunlight

Love challenge
♥ 5000 points

Love challenge
♥ 6000

…you really have changed haven’t you? +5 Sunlight +2 Moonbeam
…are the best boyfriend I could I ask for +5 Moonbeam +2 Sunlight

Do it again and get a flick on the forehead. +5 Sunlight +2 Moonbeam
Just tell me if you want to bite me +5 Moonbeam +2 Sunlight


Put in a good word for Rupert +5 Sunlight +2 Moonbeam
Check the oven out +5 Moonbeam +2 Sunlight

He is not a bad person +5 Moonbeam +2 Sunlight
You are all far worse +5 Sunlight +2 Moonbeam

Love challenge
♥ Cat Lingerie premium
♥ Quacky Number 380 normal


I will be fine alone +5 Sunlight +2 Moonbeam
Would you mind? +5 Moonbeam +2 Sunlight

Thank you+5 Moonbeam +2 Sunlight
I will repay u one day +5 Sunlight +2 Moonbeam

Love challenge
♥ 14000 lady level

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I don’t want this +5 Trust +2 Intimacy
I’d like to speak with you some more +5 Intimacy +2 Trust

Let’s go! +5 Intimacy +2 Trust
I can’t, I have bridal training +5 Trust +2 Intimacy

Love challenge
♥ gorgeous necklace normal


Give it back! +5 Intimacy +2 Trust
That’s just mean! +5 Trust +2 Intimacy

Don’t forgive him +5 Trust +2 Intimacy
Forgive him +5 Intimacy +2 Trust


Skeletiano is a man too. +5 Trust +2 Intimacy
Skeletiano is a wonderful skeleton. +5 Intimacy +2 Trust

Love challenge
♥ red checkered dress premium
♥ daisy dress normal

My fortune +5 Trust +2 Intimacy
Skeletiano fortune +5 Intimacy +2 Trust


Love challenge
♥ 1000 princess points

You’re quite the gentlemen +5 Intimacy +2 Trust
You’re quite handy +5 Trust +2 Intimacy

I thought you were going to kiss me +5 Intimacy +2 Trust
Oh nothing +5 Trust +2 Intimacy


I think you’re like a prince +5 Intimacy +2 Trust
I think you’re a kind person +5 Trust +2 Intimacy

Love challenge
♥ princess point 4000

Let’s go tomorrow +5 Trust +2 Intimacy
Let’s go right now +5 Intimacy +2 Trust


Let ask Victor, he’s a doctor! +5 Trust +2 Intimacy
Let’s ask J.J, he’s a scientist! +5 Intimacy +2 Trust

Don’t give up +5 Intimacy +2 Trust
I guess it can’t be helped +5 Trust +2 Intimacy

Love challenge
♥ pirate style premium
♥ quill pen normal


Be careful +5 Intimacy +2 Trust
I’m going too +5 Trust +2 Intimacy

Tell him about the ghost +5 Intimacy +2 Trust
Don’t tell him about the ghost +5 Trust +2 Intimacy


A signed self published book +5 Trust +2 Intimacy
A high resolution shot of himself +5 Intimacy +2 Trust

Take it back +5 Intimacy +2 Trust
Gently calm him down +5 Trust +2 Intimacy


I think that would work +5 Trust +2 Intimacy
You really care about JJ don’t u +5 Intimacy +2 Trust


I’m sorry +5 Intimacy +2 Trust
Please stop +5 Trust +2 Intimacy

That’s unusual
I can understand that from you

Mystical or Romantic ending
Love challenge
♥ 20,000 points

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Niflheim+: Victor!

Just released today, Victors story.


Pulling my hand away +5 Trust +2 Intimacy
Acting calm +5 Intimacy +2 Trust

I’ll go with you! +5 Intimacy +2 Trust
Shall I stay here with them? +5 Trust +2 Intimacy

Asking if he’s figured out something+5 Intimacy +2 Trust
Wait for his deduction +5 Trust +2 Intimacy

Love challenge;
♥ Lace Choker normal 1000 gold

Putting on a brave face +5 Trust +2 Intimacy
Thanking him +5 Intimacy +2 Trust

Love challenge;
♥ First aid bag premium
♥ First aid book normal

Turn my attention to Victor +5 Intimacy +2 Trust
Stand protectively in front of Nick +5 Trust +2 Intimacy

Love challenge ; 1000 princess point

I cannot possibly do that +5 Trust +2 Intimacy
Tell me the reason +5 Intimacy +2 Trust

Keep cooking +5 Intimacy +2 Trust
Ask him to help +5 Trust +2 Intimacy

Shaking my head in embarrassment +5 Trust +2 Intimacy
Accepting it gracefully +5 Intimacy +2 Trust

Did something happen in town? +5 Trust +2 Intimacy
Nothing +5 Intimacy +2 Trust

Love challenge
♥ a brides apron; premium
♥ a boyfriends apron; normal

Stand close to him +5 Intimacy +2 Trust
Take his hand +5 Trust +2 Intimacy


Stop this right now both of you! +5 Intimacy +2 Trust
+5 Trust +2 Intimacy

Love challenge
4000 princess point

Why? +5 Trust +2 Intimacy
Alright +5 Intimacy +2 Trust

It’s too early to be thinking about that yet +5 Intimacy +2 Trust
I understand how you must feel +5 Trust +2 Intimacy

Tell him to rest +5 Trust +2 Intimacy
Wipe of his sweat with a handkerchief +5 Intimacy +2 Trust

There’s nothing I can say +5 Trust +2 Intimacy
Call out to him +5 Intimacy +2 Trust

Remaining silent +5 Intimacy +2 Trust
Brazening it out +5 Trust +2 Intimacy

All what is behind his back +5 Intimacy +2 Trust
Sneakily take what’s behind his back +5 Trust +2 Intimacy

I believe in you +5 Intimacy +2 Trust
I won’t leave you +5 Trust +2 Intimacy

That’s fine I’ll ask him myself +5 Intimacy +2 Trust
But… +5 Trust +2 Intimacy

Stop running +5 Intimacy +2 Trust
Keep sprinting +5 Trust +2 Intimacy

Love challenge
♥ princess point

Comfort him +5 Intimacy +2 Trust
Encourage him +5 Trust +2 Intimacy

You are a kind person +5 Trust +2 Intimacy
Get a hold of yourself +5 Intimacy +2 Trust

Love Challenge
♥ Stardrop Flower 🌸 premium
♥ Niflheim flower 🌸 normal

Write your memories down +5 Trust +2 Intimacy
Go through your memories together with me +5 Intimacy +2 Trust

Embrace him softly. +5 Intimacy +2 Trust
Grasp his hands +5 Trust +2 Intimacy

Don’t tell his majesty… +5 Intimacy +2 Trust
No! +5 Trust +2 Intimacy

Love challenge
♥ Fresh flower night dress premium
♥ Fire butterflies lantern normal

Why? +5 Intimacy +2 Trust
There’s no way! +5 Trust +2 Intimacy

An honest apology +5 Trust +2 Intimacy
A thank you +5 Intimacy +2 Trust

Bow my head beside him +5 Intimacy +2 Trust
Appeal to the king +5 Trust +2 Intimacy

Deciding to leave it up to Victor +5 Trust +2 Intimacy
Asking him to explain+5 Intimacy +2 Trust

Love challenge
♥ Victors house normal

We can do it together +5 Intimacy +2 Trust
You can do it

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