A little +7


I’m surprised

I was sad as well +7

I don’t know what to say



I feel depressed

I get slightly angry +4

I remain calm
Tell the Dragon my name

Stay on guard +4

Question the dragon


I feel embarrassed

Take Yoshimasa’s hand +7

I smile back at ibuki and akira


Butterfly head wreath premium 

Yoshi masa bracelet normal 




 I will take care of yoshimasa +7

It’s ok Ayu

You two should get along


I feel convinced

I feel anxious

I feel concerned for Yoshimasa +7



I say something +2

I look at yoshimasa 

I hold yoshimasa hand


Fairy tale forest premium

Winking over glasses normal 


I understand how u feel kiku

Ran maybe you can talk him into it

What do you think, Yamata No Orochi? +4


Relaxed kimono wear premium 

Balloon hearts normal 


Exchange glances with yoshimasa

Tell them honestly +7

Lie in embarrassment 


I don’t kno

Descendants of the emperor

Our enemies to defeat +7


I’m prepared to face my destiny

Thank you +7

I’m scared 




I’ll make up my mind too


Compliment Akira +4

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