I care about you +7
I will focus on the mission
Stop changing the subject

Love choice

Cherry blossom crown normal

Great job everyone
That was quite a surprise wasn’t it
Shall we take a break +7

This is my duty
I’m fine, because I’m not alone +7
Please do not worry

No you can’t! +7
Sure, you can kiss me.
Dont be silly

Let’s use it together +7
Please you use it


No I was looking at the snowy landscape
No you are too self conscious
Yes I was looking at you +7

A Wolf 🐺
A cat 😻 +7
A rabbit 🐰

Dont worry about it Shiroya +7
It’s so strange isn’t it
It must be scary for you

I don’t know what to do
Yes I will rest and trying get better +7
No I have no time to be resting


I’ll decide who I want to marry myself +7
We should know how he feels about me first

Ayakashi Battle

I can’t
Dont be ridiculous
Thank you +7

Worried about Shiroya
I’m curious about you
I want to understand you better +7

Ayakashi Battle

Let me think about it
Let’s go to the summer village +7
I can’t believe it

Shiroya wouldn’t want this +7
Please calm down
I know how you feel

You’re so cute
I’m so happy +7
Thank you

Where have you been +7
It took you awhile I was starting to get worried
Was there anything I could help you with

What happened to Kaito
He didn’t have to do that for us
That was sweet of Kaito +7

Love choice

See you next time
Thank-you +7

What has happened to you +7
This is wrong
I had trusted you

I don’t want to do the purification anymore
I am worried if the purification will succeed +7
I don’t know what to do

Ayakashi Battle

I guess I can’t change my Destiny can I?
I’m destined to die
I want to live with you +7

Isn’t there any other way to save the island +7
…how cruel…is my Destiny…
I’m happy to be killed by Shiroya

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DN2+; Rindoh

Stop asking already

Yes because I trust you +7

Why do you ask

Thank you


I’ll be more careful from now on 

You have an adorable little brother

He didn’t have to get mad

Yeah that’s true +4

Love Choice

Cherry Bonsai normal

I’m not okay

I’m okay 

Its your fault

Whats wrong with me

Thank you +7

I’m sorry

I’ll be okay

You’re right +7

Its that bad

Love choice

Heroines Snowman premium

Bench and Streetlamp normal

I couldn’t help it…

Sorry +2

Its hard to move

Get angry with him for worrying too much

Thank him +7


Love Choice

Falling Snow premium

Carrier Pigeon normal

What do you recommend +4

I want to try everything

I don’t know

Ayakashi Battle


I wanted to see you

What if I said  can’t?

No +4

What if it was kept in a different place

Ask him once more

Was it stolen +7

Ayakashi Battle


It’s my mission +7

Only I can do it

I don’t have choice

Ayakashi Battle


Where am i?

You’re all here… 

Wheres Rindoh?

About the Summer Village

Everything +7

I shouldn’t have to tell you

You’re not going to kill me

Whats wrong?


Ayakashi Battle


We did it

Sorry +2

This is a good thing

If something happens…

I hope so.

Of course! +7

Maybe I’ll go for a walk

I want to see Rindoh +7

What should I do…

Love Choice

Senko-hanabi premium

Hibiscus Hair Ornament (Red) normal

Ayakashi Battle


Long time no see!

You came here just to see me? +7

Why are you two here?


Got any recommendations?

Thats surprising +4

Yayoi’s Right

I want to try +7

I don’t know

We can’t give up +7

It’s impossible

Its nothing like heaven

Ayakashi battle


Have someone stop him

Yell Ran’s name

Chase Ran +7

Would i do?

Is there anything I can do? +7

Is there nothing I can do?

Love choice

Field of resurrection Lilies premium

Fixed Eyes normal

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How to Vegeta (#Femgeta) 😊

I styled my vegeta cosplay off Vegeta armour when he was younger incorporating the Cape and royal family logo.

For his armour I came across several styles via a Google image search and cut two side pieces, breast panel and shoulder panel out of card.


I cut strips of the white material and used UHU to glue it down along the edges.


Using this paper I created the rows on the panels by cutting into strips and overlapping.

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Blood in Roses + Daniel

Go with him +5 Moonbeam
“I can’t go with you” +5 Sunlight

Go over to Alfred +5 Sunlight
Stay with Daniel +5 Moonbeam


“Thanks” +5 Moonbeam
“I’ll do it” +5 Sunlight

Love challenge
♥ Butterfly Charm Bracelet normal

Give my portion to Daniel +5 Moonbeam
Eat Jacks cooking. +5 Sunlight


Tell the truth +5 Sunlight
Hide what happened +5 Moonbeam

They’re just really dashing +5 Moonbeam
They’re just really cute +5 Sunlight

Love challenge
♥ Grey Wolf Headband premium
♥ Fashionable ponytail normal


…lost +5 Sunlight
In the kitchen +5 Moonbeam

Love challenge
♥ 1000

Hug Daniel +5 Moonbeam
Hold Daniel hand +5 Sunlight


Ask him to tell me what’s the reason +5 Sunlight
Accept it

Love challenge
♥ Daniels room premium
♥ false mist normal

I want you to kiss me +5 Sunlight
Kiss him +5 Moonbeam


I wonder if he got lost +5 Sunlight
I wonder if he’s hungry +5 Moonbeam

Love challenge
♥ 4000

Run up to him Moonbeam
Say something to him +5 Sunlight


Love challenge
♥ 5000

Slap Rupert +5 Sunlight
Push Rupert

I want you to kiss me +5 Sunlight
I want to kiss you +5 Moonbeam


Love challenge
♥ 6000

Daniel wants to +5 Sunlight
I want to +5 Moonbeam

I’ll look for another way +5 Moonbeam
We’re out of options +5 Sunlight

I can’t Moonbeam
There might be another way
+5 Sunlight

Nestle up to him +5 Sunlight
Can I stay like this+5 Moonbeam


Love challenge
♥ 12000

The bad news +5 Sunlight
The good news+5 Moonbeam

It’s about believing +5 Moonbeam
Is about acceptance +5 Sunlight

Love challenge
♥ 14000

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Kikyo looks great with his horse +7
Kaito looks like a fast rider
Everyone seems to be good at riding horses

You are amazing Kaito
Yeah, hey are you alright Kikyo 

Thank you Kaito +7

Did I hurt you anywhere
I shouldn’t of made you do that
Thank you +7

Pretend that nothing is wrong
Be honest and say my foot hurts +7
Play dumb

Love choice
♥ droplet shaped earrings normal


Are we all staying in the same room

I have my own room right +4

What will I do if if have to stay in the same room as Kikyo +7

Get bashful
Hold his hands back +7
Pull my hands away

You don’t have to worry so much about me crying +7
It’s nothing
Leave me alone

I don’t really want to drink this
I’d better drink it, right? +7
Won’t you drink it, Kikyo?

Ayakashi Battle!

Kaito is right
…Let’s go find the silver snake +7
Kikyo is wrong

I’m not sure about it
Of Course +2
Kikyo will be fine on his own


Let go of my hand +7

At this rate, we’re both going to—
Don’t worry about me 

Ayakashi Battle!

I’m sorry +7
I’m not hiding anything
I think you’re misunderstanding

What is it that I need to accomplish?
Is it to save the island? +4

Is it purify the symbols? +7

Love choice!
Glowing fireflies – premium
Crying make upnormal

I don’t want to die
I will accept my death
I want to spend more time with you +7

How do you know that? +7
What are you talking about?
You knew all along, didn’t you?

Ayakashi Battle

I mumble
I forgot already
I tell him +7

I understand how you feel +7
This is another thing
You cant do that

Ayakashi Battle!
10,000 pt

Ask where Rindoh is +7
We have to stop those ninja first
Just keep silent

What’s the matter with you?
What are you talking about?

Something is wrong with you +7

Ayakashi Battle!

Why are you here?
You’ve made it here? +7
I’m fine

What will happen to Yamato Island?
What is the meaning of what we’ve done so far?
Will I not see Kikyo ever again? +7

Nothing I’m okay
Thank you Kikyo +7
I’m sorry

Love Choice
His Erhu premium
Pink Opal Ring normal

That’s nonsense
Kikyo… +7
We must save the island

Its okay if you hate us +7
I love you anyway
I thought so…

Love Choice
Ocean with sunrise premium
The Sword normal

Choose your ending!

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I don’t want this +5 Trust +2 Intimacy
I’d like to speak with you some more +5 Intimacy +2 Trust

Let’s go! +5 Intimacy +2 Trust
I can’t, I have bridal training +5 Trust +2 Intimacy

Love challenge
♥ gorgeous necklace normal


Give it back! +5 Intimacy +2 Trust
That’s just mean! +5 Trust +2 Intimacy

Don’t forgive him +5 Trust +2 Intimacy
Forgive him +5 Intimacy +2 Trust


Skeletiano is a man too. +5 Trust +2 Intimacy
Skeletiano is a wonderful skeleton. +5 Intimacy +2 Trust

Love challenge
♥ red checkered dress premium
♥ daisy dress normal

My fortune +5 Trust +2 Intimacy
Skeletiano fortune +5 Intimacy +2 Trust


Love challenge
♥ 1000 princess points

You’re quite the gentlemen +5 Intimacy +2 Trust
You’re quite handy +5 Trust +2 Intimacy

I thought you were going to kiss me +5 Intimacy +2 Trust
Oh nothing +5 Trust +2 Intimacy


I think you’re like a prince +5 Intimacy +2 Trust
I think you’re a kind person +5 Trust +2 Intimacy

Love challenge
♥ princess point 4000

Let’s go tomorrow +5 Trust +2 Intimacy
Let’s go right now +5 Intimacy +2 Trust


Let ask Victor, he’s a doctor! +5 Trust +2 Intimacy
Let’s ask J.J, he’s a scientist! +5 Intimacy +2 Trust

Don’t give up +5 Intimacy +2 Trust
I guess it can’t be helped +5 Trust +2 Intimacy

Love challenge
♥ pirate style premium
♥ quill pen normal


Be careful +5 Intimacy +2 Trust
I’m going too +5 Trust +2 Intimacy

Tell him about the ghost +5 Intimacy +2 Trust
Don’t tell him about the ghost +5 Trust +2 Intimacy


A signed self published book +5 Trust +2 Intimacy
A high resolution shot of himself +5 Intimacy +2 Trust

Take it back +5 Intimacy +2 Trust
Gently calm him down +5 Trust +2 Intimacy


I think that would work +5 Trust +2 Intimacy
You really care about JJ don’t u +5 Intimacy +2 Trust


I’m sorry +5 Intimacy +2 Trust
Please stop +5 Trust +2 Intimacy

That’s unusual
I can understand that from you

Mystical or Romantic ending
Love challenge
♥ 20,000 points

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Shall we date Niflheim + Orlando


Persist in asking +5 Trust
Change the subject +5 Intimacy

It was fun +5 Intimacy
You should be +5 Trust

Love challenge
♥ Barrette normal

5 minutes?! +5 Trust
I would like to rest a bit longer +5 Intimacy

Happy +5 Trust
Excited +5 Intimacy

Well aren’t I popular then! +5 Trust
You too Orlando? +5 Intimacy

Love challenge
♥ Pink Ribbon Dress set premium
♥ Orange Floral Dress set normal

Not at all +5 Trust
A little +5 Intimacy

Love challenge – 1000 princess point

Say it’s nothing +5 Trust
Try asking +5 Intimacy

If don’t know +5 Trust
Do I get a prize +5 Intimacy

Love challenge – 4000 princess point

You are a strict person +5 Trust
You are a difficult person +5 Intimacy

Change the topic back again +5 Trust
Talk about your family +5 Intimacy

Act shy +5 Intimacy
Laugh +5 Trust

Love challenge –

♥ Feather and fur Robe Set premium
♥ Fur Robe normal

I didn’t want to know +5 Trust
Thank you for bringing me here+5 Intimacy


No I don’t +5 Trust
Yes I do +5 Intimacy

Really! +5 Trust
Your majesty… +5 Intimacy

That sounds about right +5 Trust
Not exactly soon +5 Intimacy


I feel shy +5 Intimacy
That’s ok +5 Trust

Do that again +5 Trust
I can do it too +5 Intimacy


Love challenge – 4000 gold

Sing +5 Intimacy
Refrain +5 Trust

Go to Orlando +5 Intimacy
Head towards the sofa +5 Trust

You don’t have to +5 Trust
Please do +5 Intimacy

Tell him honestly how it tastes +5 Intimacy
Pretend it’s delicious +5 Trust


Tell him why +5 Trust
Don’t tell him why +5 Intimacy

It’s just my imagination +5 Intimacy
I’m still dreaming +5 Trust


You can’t do that! +5 Intimacy
With me? +5 Trust

Who is it? +5 Intimacy
Orlando +5 Trust

Let me pass +5 Trust
Please help me +5 Intimacy

Don’t either of you get hurt! +5 Intimacy
You can do it Orlando! +5 Trust

Your majesty was scary that day +5 Trust
You majesty sure does like Orlando +5 Intimacy

Love challenge – 9000 gold

Is probably just your imagination +5 Intimacy
Laugh it off +5 Trust

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Short poem…

Salty water lashes at my mouth

I can taste it.


Feel it clogging my nose,

Trapping my breath.


Burning eyes.

Red from the stress.


Shudder on the inhale

Grimace on the exhale.


Head pounding





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Bridge lift!

Has to be the most exciting part of my minimum wage apprenticeship!


800 tonne crane was put together in about two days.


Had to keep lifting and putting it up and down to make sure it was at the right angle to set down on the other side.







Good stuff eh?

I’m still job hunting. This site engineering malarkey is not for me!

 New Lovehoney logo Alternative clothing from Sohos Party dresses, tops, trousers and jackets from TFNC

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I get to the bus stop near my house and theres a guy standing there and he’s watching me walk past him. I stop and wait at the bus stop then he takes his coat off and puts it over his head like a cape. He presses himself up against the bus stop and starts moving into the bus as if he is having sex with it. He stops. Walks past me, the. Goes up to the wall and I swear he must of put his hand in his pants and started touching himself then he walks up to the bin and keeps looking at me. He came back to bus stop and kept trying to stand close to me and I’m moving around avoiding eye contact.

As I moved he tried to talk to me and looked like he was going to touch me. Some next guy at the stop was like “don’t do that. Just wait for the bus and leave her alone”

The guy continued to act shifty and the nice man comes up to me and says be careful I have to get on the next bus.

Thankfully this weirdo gets on another bus and not my one. I’m sure if my bus had turned up first he would of followed me.

I’ve never bee  scared walking around my area until just now.

May whatever higher power there is, bless that man that stepped in.

 New Lovehoney logo Alternative clothing from Sohos Party dresses, tops, trousers and jackets from TFNC

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