Head back 🌚
Dont head back 🌝

Ask him why he interfered 🌝
Thank him 🌚

Love challenge
Test tubes

Reject the order 🌝
Ask him 🌚

I can do it 🌚
Can you show me how to do it? Just this once.

Sigh without saying anything 🌞
Laugh it off

Love challenge
Side swept ombre hair
Rose print book

I have to try harder
Yes I’m fine πŸŒ‘

Love challenge

Get motivated 🌞
Be delighted🌚

Stop him verbally πŸŒ‘
Stop him physically

Smile and say I’m ok πŸŒ‘
Pretend I’m ok and ask for another cup of tea

Make sure it’s really ok β˜€
Tell him I don’t want to

Love challenge
Humphrey Robe
Red dew necklace

I’m fine. β˜€
What are you doing

Love challenge

I’m sorry β˜€
Di you worry


Thank you β˜€
Theyre healed

As quickly as we can
I believe in you β˜€

Lean on his back
Hug him πŸŒ‘

Love challenge

Ask him again πŸŒ‘
Stare at him silently

I can’t believe it
I’m happy πŸŒ‘

Love challenge
Humphrey room premium
Heroines room normal

Tell him the truth β˜€
Hide my true feelings

Question him β˜€
Stay silent

I’m fine because you’re here
Honestly yes β˜€

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