I care about you +7
I will focus on the mission
Stop changing the subject

Love choice

Cherry blossom crown normal

Great job everyone
That was quite a surprise wasn’t it
Shall we take a break +7

This is my duty
I’m fine, because I’m not alone +7
Please do not worry

No you can’t! +7
Sure, you can kiss me.
Dont be silly

Let’s use it together +7
Please you use it


No I was looking at the snowy landscape
No you are too self conscious
Yes I was looking at you +7

A Wolf 🐺
A cat 😻 +7
A rabbit 🐰

Dont worry about it Shiroya +7
It’s so strange isn’t it
It must be scary for you

I don’t know what to do
Yes I will rest and trying get better +7
No I have no time to be resting


I’ll decide who I want to marry myself +7
We should know how he feels about me first

Ayakashi Battle

I can’t
Dont be ridiculous
Thank you +7

Worried about Shiroya
I’m curious about you
I want to understand you better +7

Ayakashi Battle

Let me think about it
Let’s go to the summer village +7
I can’t believe it

Shiroya wouldn’t want this +7
Please calm down
I know how you feel

You’re so cute
I’m so happy +7
Thank you

Where have you been +7
It took you awhile I was starting to get worried
Was there anything I could help you with

What happened to Kaito
He didn’t have to do that for us
That was sweet of Kaito +7

Love choice

See you next time
Thank-you +7

What has happened to you +7
This is wrong
I had trusted you

I don’t want to do the purification anymore
I am worried if the purification will succeed +7
I don’t know what to do

Ayakashi Battle

I guess I can’t change my Destiny can I?
I’m destined to die
I want to live with you +7

Isn’t there any other way to save the island +7
…how cruel…is my Destiny…
I’m happy to be killed by Shiroya

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