Because you caught my eye +7
Instinct I guess
I don’t know

What do you mean?
He’s a bit too boisterous
It’s fun being with him +7

What is it?
It’s beautiful isn’t it? +7
Makes you want to dive in.

Love choice
Matching Eyes with Ran

Let go
You want to hold hands +7

Maybe I got too angry +7
He didn’t have to run away
Is he avoiding me

Two girls standing and chatting
Mother and child out for a walk
The man walking down the street +7

Love choice
Falling leave premium
Rosy blush normal

You look dashing +7
Do you have a stomach ache
Are you worried about something?

Call Rans name
Reach out to him +7
Try not to fall

Love choice
Nightdress premium
Bed normal

Stroke his head
Do nothing
Kiss him on his cheek +7

Ayakashi Battle
500 pt

What happened to Ran I know?
Who cares about that? +7

How pathetic.

Love choice
Crystal necklace premium
Maple leaf hair ornament normal

Looks like I misunderstood

I was worried for no reason +7

You’re right

What’s the matter?
Aren’t you happy
You must be happy +7

Take Rans hand +7
Deny it
Say nothing

Ayakashi Battle

Is this my home?
What happened to Ran? +7
What happened?

Call Rans name +7
Try to stand
Dont move

Ayakashi Battle

That’s so mean!
What the heck

You two are so funny
Rans so funny
That’s my Ran +7

I agree with both you of you
I agree with Yayoi
I agree with Kaito +7

Love choice
Spring village dress premium
Fruit cake (piece) normal

Is this a secret tryst?
Can’t sleep?
What’s the matter? +2

Ayakashi Battle

Take his hand +4
Smile at him
Move in closer

Ayakashi Battle

Take his hand
Hug him +4
Say nothing

Say his name
Hug him from behind +7
Drape a blanket over him

Ran isn’t weak! +4
This is crazy
Get a grip Ran

What’s fhe matter
Just now +4
It’s nothing

Love choice
Ever flowing waterfall premium
Hannya mask normal

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