DN2+; Rindoh

Stop asking already

Yes because I trust you +7

Why do you ask

Thank you


I’ll be more careful from now on 

You have an adorable little brother

He didn’t have to get mad

Yeah that’s true +4

Love Choice

Cherry Bonsai normal

I’m not okay

I’m okay 

Its your fault

Whats wrong with me

Thank you +7

I’m sorry

I’ll be okay

You’re right +7

Its that bad

Love choice

Heroines Snowman premium

Bench and Streetlamp normal

I couldn’t help it…

Sorry +2

Its hard to move

Get angry with him for worrying too much

Thank him +7


Love Choice

Falling Snow premium

Carrier Pigeon normal

What do you recommend +4

I want to try everything

I don’t know

Ayakashi Battle


I wanted to see you

What if I said  can’t?

No +4

What if it was kept in a different place

Ask him once more

Was it stolen +7

Ayakashi Battle


It’s my mission +7

Only I can do it

I don’t have choice

Ayakashi Battle


Where am i?

You’re all here… 

Wheres Rindoh?

About the Summer Village

Everything +7

I shouldn’t have to tell you

You’re not going to kill me

Whats wrong?


Ayakashi Battle


We did it

Sorry +2

This is a good thing

If something happens…

I hope so.

Of course! +7

Maybe I’ll go for a walk

I want to see Rindoh +7

What should I do…

Love Choice

Senko-hanabi premium

Hibiscus Hair Ornament (Red) normal

Ayakashi Battle


Long time no see!

You came here just to see me? +7

Why are you two here?


Got any recommendations?

Thats surprising +4

Yayoi’s Right

I want to try +7

I don’t know

We can’t give up +7

It’s impossible

Its nothing like heaven

Ayakashi battle


Have someone stop him

Yell Ran’s name

Chase Ran +7

Would i do?

Is there anything I can do? +7

Is there nothing I can do?

Love choice

Field of resurrection Lilies premium

Fixed Eyes normal

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