Blood in Roses + Daniel

Go with him +5 Moonbeam
“I can’t go with you” +5 Sunlight

Go over to Alfred +5 Sunlight
Stay with Daniel +5 Moonbeam


“Thanks” +5 Moonbeam
“I’ll do it” +5 Sunlight

Love challenge
♥ Butterfly Charm Bracelet normal

Give my portion to Daniel +5 Moonbeam
Eat Jacks cooking. +5 Sunlight


Tell the truth +5 Sunlight
Hide what happened +5 Moonbeam

They’re just really dashing +5 Moonbeam
They’re just really cute +5 Sunlight

Love challenge
♥ Grey Wolf Headband premium
♥ Fashionable ponytail normal


…lost +5 Sunlight
In the kitchen +5 Moonbeam

Love challenge
♥ 1000

Hug Daniel +5 Moonbeam
Hold Daniel hand +5 Sunlight


Ask him to tell me what’s the reason +5 Sunlight
Accept it

Love challenge
♥ Daniels room premium
♥ false mist normal

I want you to kiss me +5 Sunlight
Kiss him +5 Moonbeam


I wonder if he got lost +5 Sunlight
I wonder if he’s hungry +5 Moonbeam

Love challenge
♥ 4000

Run up to him Moonbeam
Say something to him +5 Sunlight


Love challenge
♥ 5000

Slap Rupert +5 Sunlight
Push Rupert

I want you to kiss me +5 Sunlight
I want to kiss you +5 Moonbeam


Love challenge
♥ 6000

Daniel wants to +5 Sunlight
I want to +5 Moonbeam

I’ll look for another way +5 Moonbeam
We’re out of options +5 Sunlight

I can’t Moonbeam
There might be another way
+5 Sunlight

Nestle up to him +5 Sunlight
Can I stay like this+5 Moonbeam


Love challenge
♥ 12000

The bad news +5 Sunlight
The good news+5 Moonbeam

It’s about believing +5 Moonbeam
Is about acceptance +5 Sunlight

Love challenge
♥ 14000

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