Kikyo looks great with his horse +7
Kaito looks like a fast rider
Everyone seems to be good at riding horses

You are amazing Kaito
Yeah, hey are you alright Kikyo 

Thank you Kaito +7

Did I hurt you anywhere
I shouldn’t of made you do that
Thank you +7

Pretend that nothing is wrong
Be honest and say my foot hurts +7
Play dumb

Love choice
♥ droplet shaped earrings normal


Are we all staying in the same room

I have my own room right +4

What will I do if if have to stay in the same room as Kikyo +7

Get bashful
Hold his hands back +7
Pull my hands away

You don’t have to worry so much about me crying +7
It’s nothing
Leave me alone

I don’t really want to drink this
I’d better drink it, right? +7
Won’t you drink it, Kikyo?

Ayakashi Battle!

Kaito is right
…Let’s go find the silver snake +7
Kikyo is wrong

I’m not sure about it
Of Course +2
Kikyo will be fine on his own


Let go of my hand +7

At this rate, we’re both going to—
Don’t worry about me 

Ayakashi Battle!

I’m sorry +7
I’m not hiding anything
I think you’re misunderstanding

What is it that I need to accomplish?
Is it to save the island? +4

Is it purify the symbols? +7

Love choice!
Glowing fireflies – premium
Crying make upnormal

I don’t want to die
I will accept my death
I want to spend more time with you +7

How do you know that? +7
What are you talking about?
You knew all along, didn’t you?

Ayakashi Battle

I mumble
I forgot already
I tell him +7

I understand how you feel +7
This is another thing
You cant do that

Ayakashi Battle!
10,000 pt

Ask where Rindoh is +7
We have to stop those ninja first
Just keep silent

What’s the matter with you?
What are you talking about?

Something is wrong with you +7

Ayakashi Battle!

Why are you here?
You’ve made it here? +7
I’m fine

What will happen to Yamato Island?
What is the meaning of what we’ve done so far?
Will I not see Kikyo ever again? +7

Nothing I’m okay
Thank you Kikyo +7
I’m sorry

Love Choice
His Erhu premium
Pink Opal Ring normal

That’s nonsense
Kikyo… +7
We must save the island

Its okay if you hate us +7
I love you anyway
I thought so…

Love Choice
Ocean with sunrise premium
The Sword normal

Choose your ending!

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