I get to the bus stop near my house and theres a guy standing there and he’s watching me walk past him. I stop and wait at the bus stop then he takes his coat off and puts it over his head like a cape. He presses himself up against the bus stop and starts moving into the bus as if he is having sex with it. He stops. Walks past me, the. Goes up to the wall and I swear he must of put his hand in his pants and started touching himself then he walks up to the bin and keeps looking at me. He came back to bus stop and kept trying to stand close to me and I’m moving around avoiding eye contact.

As I moved he tried to talk to me and looked like he was going to touch me. Some next guy at the stop was like “don’t do that. Just wait for the bus and leave her alone”

The guy continued to act shifty and the nice man comes up to me and says be careful I have to get on the next bus.

Thankfully this weirdo gets on another bus and not my one. I’m sure if my bus had turned up first he would of followed me.

I’ve never bee  scared walking around my area until just now.

May whatever higher power there is, bless that man that stepped in.

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