Sex Education: Let’s Get It Right Please?


So I’ve opened up a Metro newspaper today (a very rare thing I can assure you) and have read something quite interesting in the metro talk section.

“Pupils should be taught about pornography and safe sex rather than just the mechanics of it”

About time!!!!

Think back to that day you had your first sex education lesson. For me it consisted of a black and white photo I woman having her period (she was in the bathroom changing her pad and it was just a black sploge as far as i could see), and a brief description that told us men and women have different body parts and some rubbish about puberty. Queue secondary school and it was more biology this biology that, boys have wet dreams and girls grow breasts ….I kinda already knew this.
We learnt how to put condoms on at about 14/15 years old and were shown a photo in colour of a man with chlamydia in his eye. O_o


The UK has one of the highest rates of teenage pregnancy and STD rates in Europe. We also start our sex education later on in our education system compared to other countries and I think we still have a very taboo outlook on sex in general. I mean the Victorians used to cover table legs because they could be looked upon sexually. (honestly?)



I’m honestly not surprised south London has the highest rates XD

The quality of sex education is not good enough by a long shot! We should be taught about every kind of contraception out there, dangers of using the Internet as a viable source of information and because this is the technology age, porn should be tackled as well. It’s everywhere, pops up randomly when you click or search for anything on google and our young people pick up these skills so early in life so it is vital we teach them the dangers of indulging in excessive porn. Sex is not like that in real life, women don’t have perfectly waxed vaginas, massive HHH cup boobs, nor do we all deep throat like wild hogs. Men don’t all have dicks the size of a tree trunk, ripped abs and tongues as long as the eye can see. Lesbianism and gay porn should be tackled too. It’s out there, you will be exposed to it, it needs to be discussed.

People also make the quip about how we should let children be children. This alone is why they cry and get upset when their child comes home at 14 and says they’re pregnant. “What did we do wrong?” They will cry, you didn’t teach them the ins and outs! Children are curious creatures! Quench their thirst for knowledge and the curiosity will dissipate. I’m not saying you take them to the Netherlands and embark on a dodgy sex show spectacle but sit down an put the awkwardness aside and explain things. It’s not hard to do. My mum told me to come to her with any questions I had, and if she didn’t know the answer she would help me find it – this attitude stops them running to their friends and believing hoohaa like “you can’t get pregnant the first time you have sex” ??? (Who comes up with stuff seriously?!)

So ends my rant for the week. Below is a sharkbird I thought I would share with you all. I am so loving these photoshopped animal images. Really just brightens your day eh? XD


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