When it goes wrong….

I was in a car accident yesterday and I’ve gone through various emotions since but the one thing that keeps on irritating me is the fact I only had to get through four more days of work before I started my new job where I didn’t have to drive anymore.

I’m so frustrated right now. I was at the bottom of the road from work and I looked both ways before pulling out and didn’t see the guy – it was HUGE Land Rover so I am still baffled as to how I missed it!!!!

Anyway BAM! He’s collided with the front drivers side of my car. Debris everywhere, I bumped my head and I’m just in shock.
Everyone who passed by from work stopped and pulled over asking me if I’m ok etc and it was so lovely of them. That’s one thing I will miss, everyone there is so kind and helpful you couldn’t find a better bunch of people if you tried.

Luckily the guy was a genuinely nice man he was angry of course but these things happen and if I’m honest if he had not swerved he would of rammed right into my person and I wouldn’t be here to tell this story.




So as you can see the car is completely effed up. I give my thanks to the RAC as they sent out a tow truck within an hour for me and also my uncle left work late that day and pulled over and waited for me. The other guy got away it lightly I think because his car looks way better than mine


I just don’t understand, one minute he wasn’t there, next minute he was. But I guess that’s how all crashes happen. Yet I only needed to get through four more days and I would of been home free. New job, less driving…. I’m think I’m still in shock from it all. I now have to arrange transport to and from work which meant I had to tell my grandparents (cue the shock and worry) and then I panic and think “Fuck! I could be in hospital right now! I guess I was lucky. That Rover would of come straight at me and smacked me right in the head.

Sadly, life goes on and as per usual I’m left even more broke than usual.


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3 thoughts on “When it goes wrong….

  1. At least you are unharmed love.

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