It’s Just Sex


No its not. There are so many rules and regulations when saying this. Nothing is ever this simple. You could argue your friends with benefits. But as many of us know this is never the case. Someone always feels more for the other (usually the woman) and who honestly who wouldn’t? The describes Friends with Benefits as:

“Casual relationship implying no commitment, but involving companionship (the friends bit) and some sort of physical element like making out, sex, baseball (the benefits). Although rumoured to be a myth, absolutely possible.”

Spending time with someone, going out with them and telling them intimate details of your life is part of the getting to know process we all try to do with a potential mate. Couple that with physical intimacy and hey presto! We have a match! Sadly though unlike the Hollywood movies this situation usually ends in tears and someone being hurt and getting depressed and having threesomes with Ben and Jerry (we’ve all been there).
Back to the point though, whenever I hear the term “its just sex” I get very agitated and my blood starts to boil, because from my point of view “just sex” is just that. We don’t need to talk, we don’t need to see each other outside the bedroom (or whatever location we’re sexing in) and we DEFINITELY don’t care what the other person is doing with other people. This is a strictly physical relationship. No jealousy involved. Here in lies the problem.


Men have a tendency to think they own whatever they touch. Particularly when it involves females. You come to an agreement with someone that it is ‘just sex’ and then the man gets jealous if you start to see someone else! I have to apply the brakes here for a second. You only want me for sex. You don’t want me for any other potential relationship, but yet you want to get jealous when I am elsewhere… *raises eyebrow*
Additionally he is probably running around spreading his seed everywhere but yet still expects you to keep your eggs in check…
The next situation I want to elaborate on is if you have both said you are the only people that each other is sleeping with but its still ‘just sex’, are you allowed to date other people? I put this to a panel of men and they said something quite obvious. If your only with each other physically what’s the point of you seeing other people? Quite correct and it made me pause. What is the point then? You’ve now basically moved from fuck buddy territory into friends with benefits town, and we all know how that’s going to end. BADLY. Or it could end very well with both of your realising you’ve met your soul mate and getting married and having 2.5 children with a dog.

Is there really such a thing as “It’s JUST sex”?

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