Young Justice



So I have just finished watching all two season of DC Nations Young Justice.
To say it was dramatic is an understatement! It’s like the Eastenders of the super hero world. Who’s dating who, who’s betraying who, was Kaldur’ahm (Aqua Lad) a triple agent! I was on the edge of my bed through every episode. Never have I watched a cartoon that had a serious plot line going on, usually they follow a linear structure with a different problem every episode solvable within the allotted 25 mins. Not this one. Each show added to story line and played off the characters marvellously. Super Boy (supermans clone!!) appearing, Artemis is a mole? Then Red Arrow is a clone and he was the mole all along! then the skipping of five years between season 1 and 2 bringing in Nightwing as the new leader – Batgirl, Wonder girl, Bumblebee, new Robin, Impulse coming from the future (Flash’s grandson!) – my heart couldn’t take it from episode 1 of season 2, and then end…..I was blubbering like a small child (yes I cried, no you will not judge me!).

As you have probably noticed, I am a bit of a DC Nation fan. Their animations are so well drawn and constructed however my heart sank when I saw that there would not be a season three! I needed it! The disappointment shattered me! But never fear! For there will be a new…….. TEEN TITANS GO! Raven is back!


There will also be a new batman too…. Last batman Cartoon I saw was Batman of the Future where Bruce was old and decrepit and some young dude was running around back flipping everywhere (with no cape I might add) although I don’t remember too much of this so I may have to have a mental refresh.


This new season of Teen Titans will be focusing on the teens living status and how they interact with each other. Which is kinda cool but I suspect it will be a bit more childish than Young Justice. At least that had some spunk, development of young adult relationships, innuendos, good fight scenes – everything you need and want from good bit of animation for someone my age! Not that I am particularly young, but I don’t think everything I do in life needs to be mature – yawn

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