The missing link.

I’ve recently encountered a person who comes out with the most amazing things. To say her life is sheltered is an understatement.

Most recent ism she had regarding the telling of cheese jokes

“What type of cheese do you hide a horse in?”

To which she replied “camel cheese” huh? everyone was looking at her with the most flabbergasted expression.

The answer is mascarpone mask a pony and she then says “what’s a pony got to do with a horse?” and again…huh?

She then proceeded to explain that she thought ponies were baby donkeys, donkeys then became horses? o.0

I was in hysterics at this point. I mean first of all, camel cheese? Donkeys become horses? I’m crying as I’m typing XD

She was given a plant for her birthday and she named it Maggie and then said “isn’t it funny how we name our children after plants, and we give plants human names” ……… I have no comment for this one I will let you all think what you want.

She also thought that they would skip the year 2013 like how they miss the thirteenth floor in some buildings. I understand this (sort of) but I don’t get why her BOYFRIEND agreed with her? At least they have something in common because I don’t know I I could put up with her on full time basis ha!

This is my favourite one of her ism’s by far:

About a year and a half ago she went out for a Chinese meal (her first ever – shes 21!?) and they had the Peking duck or something like that and she says “is that the duck from the ponds outside?” I’ll give her that one, ducks can live on ponds, it’s the next comment that kills it “is it a bit like turkey? You only get it once a year?” Last time I checked I could buy turkey all year round but no, according to her turkey only comes out at Christmas and you can not buy turkey at any other time of the year.

I want to know, where has she lived all her life? In space? In a basement on a farm somewhere (although if she live on a farm she would know about horses)?

She is however very confident in her job and has no problem reading you the riot act if you do something wrong at work. She also bakes the most magnificent cakes!


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One thought on “The missing link.

  1. very funny and i look forward to reading more from you, thanks for reading my words too )

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