Women can’t…..

Why do men love to say a woman can’t do this, or they shouldn’t do that?

Most popular one I hear is women can’t drive if we’re really going to go down the gender route on this one why is it men had higher insurance premiums than women? Statically speaking men cause more accidents than women from driving erratically, speeding and just being a downright nuisance with their suped up Honda civics!

Men are also 3.14 times more likely to get pulled for dangerous driving.

Another big thing is Looks. I’ve noticed a big boom in “thick” women, where curvy girls have suddenly become attractive and having a body like Kim Kardashian is coveted. This filters down from the mainstream and as I’m sure you’ve all read in the papers of various doctors who perform butt implants and the dodgy ones who do it and sometimes end up killing a poor girl who just didn’t know any better! I see it all over twitter – airbrushed females, layers of makeup, various weaves an extravagant hairstyles.
What makes me laugh the most is the fact when women do all these things to modify themselves, some men have the audacity to say its disgusting they’re doing these things and they want their women natural! Lord knows the women they are salivating over aren’t anywhere NEAR this misconception of natural they have. May as well marry the MAC counter guys!

Another quip I hate that I’ve heard a guy tell me “women should not have muscles”
On my current fitness goal I want to look like Ramona Valerie Alb


Albeit this is her in her shredded state before a bikini body building competition. So In essence I’m aiming more for this look plus some fat XD


Then I pause for a second. women should not have muscle? Am I hearing correctly? so you would rather have an anorexic runway model than a women who is strong and confident in her body? How are we not supposed to have muscle? Just a bag of bone walking around? Tired of this. Why can’t a woman just be made to love her all her bits and bobs that hang off her body? Nobody is perfect and I don’t see women pressuring men to look a certain way?


Apparently your less of woman if you can’t cook….excuse you. Can YOU cook? If you can, then you can feed yourself as far I am concerned. What has my ability to cook got to do with anything? I wake up, go to work, come home, same as you. Do not expect me to also do every single household chore known to mankind. I am not a slave and this is 21st century, women do not spend all day slaving over a house, gossipin cooking and dribbling over the latest washing machine coming out! although I have done this. Some of the tech they have for household appliances is jizz worthy ❤

Even education wise women don’t tend to pick the sciences or engineering degrees because they are so heavily male dominated and we are told constantly that men are logical thinkers whereas women are emotional. It as if to say we can’t make an equation in case someone bursts into tears…?!

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