The first time…


The first time you do anything it’s always thrill, the surge of adrenaline, the butterflies in your stomach and then the come down afterwards knowing you’ve just achieved something great!

First holiday alone
With my friend Rainbow 1. Amazing girl, we had so much fun, I got her drunk on absinthe after ten games of black jack and I beat her 9 times. 9 shots of absinthe later she had passed out and couldn’t remember the night before the next day! Good times!

First time being drunk
Was after my GCSE results – my lovely mother took me to a bar in west London called Number 10 sadly it is no longer there 😦 and we had a cocktail fest! I remember nothing after drinking a Sazerac absinthe cocktail just calling my mums husband a “bumblebee” (because he was wearing this atrocious striped shirt) and saying the bartender looked like Daniel Beddingfield I’m pretty sure he didn’t XD and then waking up in my bed at home. With no hang over in sight. oh how I miss those days!

first sexual experience
Now for the good stuff:
I think this is a latent memory I somehow stuffed away under lock and in my cerebrum. My god mother had this friend who’s daughter was beautiful with blonde hair. She also had an albino pet rat creepy as fuck and St. Bernard who was the same size as me at the time. I don’t remember how old I was so don’t ask but I remember the two of us playing games like husband and wife and re enacting the wedding nights and we would take turns being man or woman. One thing I will say is this was kept strictly on top of the clothing nasty minded people and I think this has contributed to my 11% gayness as Rainbow 1 so cutely says I am. note she’s gay hence the Rainbow 1 nickname 😀

First time having drunk sex
Crazy, intense, I was seeing colours and flickering in and out of the world like I was on biggest E known to mankind. I don’t understand how this was possible since I only had copious amounts of red wine. No drugs at all.
It was amazing!!

My first male induced one…. I blacked out. The most powerful one I’ve ever experienced. My body quaked for good ten minutes and I could barely hear him asking if I was “ok” over my heart thumping in my ears…my everything was in hyper drive.


Seeing my cousin
Due to our families being estranged and her mum moving to Jamaica I hadn’t seen her in over 15 years! I love this girl so much it’s unbelievable. When I went to Barbados for new year 2011/2012 she flew me out to see her. I was so nervous I didn’t know what to expect, would it be weird, will her mum be ok with me? So many things.

It felt like I had walked round the corner to see my best friend. As if we hadn’t left each others company for less than a second. I was so grateful for God to bestow the blessing of having her back in my life. My heart swells with pride over her. She was in the top ten for Miss Jamaica, and she is a budding model and qualified make up artist. Love you cuz! X


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