Natural hair fights for its life!

I have decided today to do a twist out. This has always fascinated me even though its a long process; Washing it twisting it and taking it out the next day… So here we go!

Step 1

I part my hair to do my regrowth using SoftSheen Carson no. 384 Light golden blonde


Then I take my brush and glass bowl and mix it up. My hair dresser said use the brush instead of the applicator so you don’t end up with patches (like I did last time :/ )


Mix and apply!

I also dye the rest of my hair black and got this new product instead of my usual Scwazkopf

Garnier Olia: Intense Black



Nifty little bit of the box you push out to hold the raindrop shaped mixing bottle. I picked this one because it has no ammonia, and I have to say my hair feel less frazzled and is a lovely shiny black colour. Good stuff!

Next step is to wash out thoroughly, I use Aussie hair care for coloured hair, Organics olive oil shampoo and African Pride for natural hair (new orange bottle range) yes I know there is a lot of products there but I’m trying to use up what I have cause I buy and never finish anything!

Then I condition with African Pride Shea Butter leave in conditioner


Although I don’t leave this in because I’ve found it leaves a lot of build up in the hair. Does however leave my hair amazingly soft! 🙂

Once conditioner is rinsed out I followed Napturals 101 on how to do and maintain a twist out. I will embed the video at a later

Final pictures!



And that’s!!! We shall see how long this lasts!

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