The Hairless Wonder


I’ve been known to have a rant every now and then about men and women who remove their pubes. I find it disturbing. You go through puberty, you grow hair. In my opinion when I see a man without hair I think I’m looking at a child. Its disconcerting. 


I do however feel that a lot of my opinions were biased since never having tried a hollywood (all gone) so i bought a Groupon voucher and went and had one.


Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised and baffled aswell. Skin was smooth and supple, but dont get me wrong, I dont have the amazon look in general. My bikini line is always waxed and main body is always trimmed back, but looking at myself hair free made me uncomfortable. It was just odd. I don’t see how this look is attractive, I understand from an oral sex point of view, its more convenient, but in a general sense I do not get it. I still maintain that having hair is more attractive, I am a grown woman after all right?


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3 thoughts on “The Hairless Wonder

  1. I’m Kinda the same. I don’t mind the bald look but I prefer a bit of hair. Even if it’s just a low fade of hair to a slight tuft of hair that u may find yaself running your lips over….
    Its Like you said we grown folks.
    Love this blog…

  2. Primalnights

    I’m with you in large part. Totally hairless makes it seem like your looking at a child, and for me personally when it comes to oral sex it seems odd. I prefer a little friction there!

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